Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now here comes Hanna...

and hopefully Ike won't! That's the one I'm worried about-it's small, but packing alot of power! Perfect center circle! Your not welcome here Ike-GO AWAY!

I wanted to take some photos of "Before Hanna," but I dropped my camera on the surf edge!! My new one should be coming soon..

The last few days here have been pleasant. No humidity, sunny, clear skies, and warm. If you didn't know you would never think that there is a storm coming your way. Today I felt the humidity, which lets me know it's getting closer, and by the afternoon the clouds had packed the sky, and just a few minutes ago it looked as if it could rain, and it will, and will, but hopefully it will continue to move out on the forecasted fast track.

I'm 5-6 miles from the beach, and it's really amazing how much difference it makes as far as the weather during a storm. When Gaston came through we were able to go down to the beach, and lay in the wind that pulled the air out of your nostrils, but nothing here but just regular thunderstorm like winds. Charley was a different story, and he did unnerve me a little, and he took two of my trees. He also blew leaves/debris all over my house and vehicles. Flooded our street on both ends, and our backyard and he wasn't around long.
There were a couple of more that same year that stayed offshore more than these, but Fay...

We just got the outer band, and I'm telling you the winds were strong, and reminded me of ones of those, I can't remember which, that was a small hurricane or a trop storm a little offshore. Fay was packing some punch in that outer tail band.

It looks as if "Hanna's" stronger north side we will not get, but our neighbors in NC will. Tornados are a possibility, and you can't prepare for those as you can tropical weather. I've seen emotionally firsthand what a tornado can do.

I hope our power isn't lost, and I really don't like the fact that the strongest will happen at night because I will not sleep, or maybe the wind howling will lull me to sleep. I doubt it-lol

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Hilary said...


Stay safe!! i will be thinking of you and your family!! Hope that you don't loose your power