Sunday, June 8, 2008

Circles cont..,which they do

I watched a program about savants several nights ago. One savant featured was Daniel Tammet. He is a high functioning autistic savant, and he can calculate a large array of numbers in his head at the speed of a computer. He calculated many lines of numbers correctly of the never ending Pi (TT) directly from his head. Truly Awesome!
It's also awesome what the definition of Pi is. Pi is the mathematical term for the circumference divided by its diameter. What's so amazing about that is is it doesn't have an exact number only an approximate number, and the reason for that is it doesn't matter how many digits is calculated it never ends. Click here if you want to see a calculation of 200 million digits. It's also the same number for any circle. Pi is infinite and there's never been any repeating numbers. In 1768 Johann Lambert proved that there cannot be any repeating patterns.
How did I become obsessed with circles? At the park one day with my new camera in tow to play around with some shadows of circles interested me, and I began to look around and I realized there are more circle shapes in our environments than any other shape-they are everywhere! 2nd place would go to the square I think.
A short time later circles became personally significant, and I share a few with you here. The circle of life, which never ends. It's eternal.