Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soeren Palumbo Fremd HS Speech 2/28/07

This is in honor of dear to my heart nephew Hayden, and my Uncle Dwight-the most gorgeous man I've ever seen only in photos, and to the countless others who are special blessings.

These are our thoughts and feelings exactly. For me it wasn't difficult to learn because my dad taught us different from an early age by his example. And for as long as I can remember he would and still does talk about his memories of his dear brother who contracted polio during the polio epidemic, which severely crippled him. To listen to my dad share some of the cruel ignorance he saw his very dear brother subjected to is heartbreaking, and these are the only times I have ever seen my daddy cry. I'm thankful for those times because my dad knew firsthand what a blessing it was as he and probably the rest of the family were subjected to the stigmatization from those years, and those times when company came and my grandmother would remove my uncle to another room-Oh the anguish she must have felt at having to do such a thing, not because she was ashamed of her son she loved with all her motherly heart, but all because of non-acceptance and stigmatization. It wasn't about shame, it was about protecting.

And then we were blessed with Hayden-He talks to angels, because I saw him do it once. The most beautiful baby born I've ever seen whose almost 9 yrs old now.

This video is almost 10 minutes long, but well worth listening too, and I so hope that you do. Own it and share it because he speaks for us all.

Thank you and love to all,


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Circle of Life

If you look around what shape do you see most of? For me it's circles. I see them everywhere, and I think there are more circles in our environments than any other shape.

Here are some of my photos of circles and there will be more because like the circle's path it is endless.

As I have been noticing and photographing circles they have taken on a more significant meaning connecting me, and enlightening me in many ways spiritually.

"A circle is an open doorway to eternity, where perfect wholeness begins to be a reality. it's continious path reminds us of our ceaseless attentiveness to well-being. As all becomes attuned, the song of the universe is surprisingly familiar-here life is complete. The circle's oneness is always enough to embrace all, just as a shower of light contains the whole spectrum. Finally, we learn to live in the eternal now."