Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thanks For Your Empathy!

Thanks you all for identifying in some way with my raw mom heart in the last 2 post.

I think we as mothers....deeply caring mothers just try so hard to make life "perfect" for our children and homes that when upsetting and trying scenarios happen we tend to blame/fault ourselves. We think we have failed somewhere because in our thoughts we don't know where, or what else to possibly do, and we wonder and we compare, and we ect. (I'm saying "we," which may hold true for you, but is just my opinion, although I certainly welcome yours.)

We are nurturers first and foremost, while also juggling many other varied roles as mothers, and that alone an be overwhelming and consuming (most of) at times! So I'm gonna try to take it a little easier on myself, so that I don't let myself get so hurtfully RAW when she's repeating, whining, crying over and over again "I WANT MY GREEN BUCKET." Because that's all it is-she just wants her "GREEN BUCKET."

I hope you other mothers can try too,