Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"7 Things" idea from Confess of a Cf husband

"7 Things about me."

1. My oldest child is 13 and 15 years older than my 2 others. Wasn't planned to be that way,
but that's how it works sometimes. At one time I had all the bases covered-a teen, a
"todd," and a newborn. Glad that's over with in some ways!

2. My long/short term goal is to finish my college education. In college my major's were
Psychology/English, and my minor was Art. I wanted to be an art therapist, which still
holds an interest, but another interest is as a criminal profiler and/or Forensic

3. I love fairy's, and I have since I was a small child when I first was mezmerized by them
in a children's book I had.

4. I like to write poetry, draw-any kind of media, paint, write, color, think-sometimes too much, explore, learn, read.

5. I broke my pinky finger in 9th grade P.E. The school was too cheap to have baseball
gloves for everyone, and the coaches were stupid enough to let us just play without
gloves-no big deal. And us students were just as stupid to do so or to try and catch a
ball without a glove on! Yes it was casted, and then it stuck out when I was gripping
the handlebars on my 3 wheeler. My broke pinky finger snagged a vine, but luckily I saw
in time to slow down/stop.

6. I love a full moon, and head down to the beach to take photos-so awesome to see even
when there are clouds. I love moonlight, and I have driven down the road by a bright

7. I just recently designed my own tattoo, and I have a nose piercing. I would like to have
more of both, but not where I look like a pin cushion or a piece of walking art-lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda - you viewed our blog this week - glad you enjoyed it - it's a good way to keep our friends and families tuned in to our adventures. We went to the beach today - Ernie thought he saw a large fin of some sort of marine life - he came in a ways after that - we enjoyed our stay here in Myrtle Beach and will be leaving tomorrow morning. This is a beautiful place; I enjoyed the pictures on your blog- Take care. Joyce (of joyceanderniesadventure)

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!