Friday, March 7, 2008

The New Camera

I finally decided to invest in a better camera, which I have wanted to do for ages. I didn't make the concrete decision though, until I dropped my canon and broke the door on the battery compartment.
I tried with some success to tape it shut-not with duct tape because I still had to have access to replace the batteries. So, I used scotch tape. You know-the tape used for wrapping presents when as wiser, but still excited children we learned how to carefully pull back the tape, take a peek, and "wrap" the present back again never being noticed. Scotch tape worked, but it didn't hold as well as duct tape would have.

I had to push in the battery door, depress the shutter, get the string/fingers out of the way, find the subject, which was always moving, and try to snap the picture. The canon became too much work, and those disposables. Cheap, no battery required, "rugged," decent pictures, and disposable-what more could I ask for? Well, I've said for ages, especially when I've seen a subject I wanted to photograph "I wish I had a "good" camera to capture what I visualize, which is beauty, intimacy, life, delicate, detailed, angled, shadows, patterns, and once a bright, warm, sunny, clear blue sky, fields of sunflowers on a street I used to live on! Awesome!

So, I finally bought me a better one, a nice one, and one of these days I want a better one, but I'm satisfied for now.

I have taken some pictures I would like to share. When I took these I didn't know if I had captured what I had wanted to share, if they would be out of focus, or if they would look as good as what I wanted to share, which is what I saw, so I didn't even bother to change my date settings so the date wouldn't show. I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, and it was a beautiful, relaxing afternoon.

The most important for me is that you the viewer enjoy them!
Now-if I can just figure out how to post them on my blog-lol


Michelle said...

What pretty pics at the beach!

Hilary said...

Hi Amanda!

You and your camera take really great pictures! Your girlies are too cute!! Love the red lucky to live by the ocean..have a great weekend.
A Momma of 2 from Texas....

Michelle said...

what great beach pictures!