Friday, March 7, 2008

"Hard Rock Theme Park" An older post I forgot to post

The "Hard Rock" theme park-"The World's First Rock 'N' Roll Theme Park" is getting ready for it's grand opening June 2nd & 3rd right here in our beach city of Myrtle in South Carolina. The Eagles will be playing live on the 2nd, and The Moody Blues will be playing live on the 3rd.

We went last weekend and took the "Backstage Tour," which was free, and worth every penny of it! We had a blast. It was like a museum type set-up introducing all of the themes that will be in the park. There was interactivity and surprises around every corner. If this was the "backstage tour" and it was that interactive, which immersed us in the experiences I can only imagine what the rest will be like! Check out the web site-it's interactive and fun as well, plus you will find all the information that you need.

Here are a few pics from our experience!

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