Friday, April 24, 2009

We are Burning Up!

I went to pick up my children Wednesday afternoon, and on the way back I saw this humongous cloud of smoke standing in the sky like a large skyscraper. I had never seen anything like that before, although I have seen smoke rise from fires, but not like that.

I was alarmed because I knew if it was a fire it was a big one! I at first thought military plane crash? Then my next thought was a wildfire, because the smoke cloud was just too large.

I take photos of clouds, and I did take some photos I haven't uploaded off of my camera yet.

A friend of mine's mother lives in that area, but she's on the other side of the waterway offering some protection, unless the fire decides to jump it, which it can, but hopefully not!

The last update 69 homes had been burned with 100 damaged. The fire has burned 20,000 acres. The fire is 50% contained overall, and 75% contained in the N Myrtle Beach area.

Yesterday the wind wasn't as bad as the day the fire started, and today we have had an increase in humidity, which has helped some, but the winds are supposed to increase to around 25mph mainly for coastal areas, but this will affect the fire and it is expected to increase and move toward the Poplar community on SC90.

The good news is there have been no fatalities or injuries, but there are many displaced residents whose homes that have burned to ash, and their cars are completely charred. There are pets that have been rescued. Pets are not allowed in shelters, and the Red Cross has requested a mobile canine unit at the shelters, which should just be mandatory if you ask me!

I know firsthand about the American Red Cross-They Are Truly Awesome! If you wish to help please call 1-800-GiveLife to donate to the American Red Cross.

I know all our firefighters are really burning up today with this humidity and a HOT, raging fire they are trying to battle that has a mind of its own.

This fire is a little too close for comfort for me, but the only affect we have is a smoky haze that hasn't been too dense, and also depends on which way the wind blows it the hardest. I have seen some ashes, and ashes have been reported even in Little River yesterday.

Pine trees like to burn hot, and that's mostly what we have with lots of undergrowth in undeveloped areas.

Roads are closed due to very low visability like at one time only a 1/4 mile visability.

Please don't burn when advised not too. It can wait! Or load it up and take it to your local landfill.


Sky said...

oh I hope you guys will all be ok and they can get a handle on that fire, I saw it on the news last night, its caused so much damage. Sending prayers that everything will be fine and it will be contained soon!

Sky said...

worried about you guys, how are you are you all safe????

Ashley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing in Jaxxons story. I'll be praying for you guys and the wild fire and will stop back by. thanks again