Monday, October 13, 2008

Adult Thrush

Tiny babies are tough! I've been in the emergency room twice in my miserable experience of oral thrush. I hope to not ever have this meat grinder tongue/throat experience again, but on the positive end I have lost about 7 lbs because all I have been able to consume is plain yogurt and finely crushed ice ships because everything else BURNS! or I feel like I am choking whether trying to get something down or not.

My adult thrush was caused by a combination of factors-an antibiotic for a cough, advair to help with my cough, stress, and lack of sleep combined with traumatic memories and mother nature, all interacting upon each other and actually causing the thrush.

If any of you have never had I sincerely hope you never do. Nystatin oral takes time to work of course, but it wasn't working fast enough for me-lol Actually it seem to grow faster because the outside parts of my lips begane to burn/itch. Clotrimazole dissolvable tabs are doing better for me. I will be gald to get rid of this gag! That's what I call it. You women out there you never want it in your mouth! Trust me!!

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