Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Warriors in Pink"

I just saw in a magazine that whne you buy a "Warriors in Pink" woven scarf 100% of the proceeds goes to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The scarf is beautiful. To buy your scarf go here. My sweet mother-in-law lost her life to breast cancer 2 yrs ago or 8 yrs after diagnosis and treatment. My 21 yr old cousin lost her life to breast cancer-now that's young, and then my dermatologist told me a 13 yr old he knows had a double masectomy!! Now, something is wrong with that picture, and I asked him how?! why?! He said it is due to dairy products, and that breast cancer is an epidemic. I asked him why we had not heard over the news, and he said we would, and he was also writing a book. He also said Harvard had a release, and that it was surpressed about dairy products causing cancer. I know hormones, and steroids are giving to livestock to produce more, make more money ect., which I certainly think should not be approved by our FDA!!!

I haven't had the time to research information for myself, but a 13 yr old having to have a double masectomy, and knowing more and more people personally battling the disease something is terribly wrong! This is in a way off the subject, but young girls are entering puberty much earlier, and also babies are not babies long at all, and it makes me think it has to be the hormones and steroids in our foods, and probably other things as well.

Is it all about money/politics! I sure hope not, but it looks that way to me.

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Hilary said...

I know it's scary to think about when health isn't the point money making is!! Breast cancer took my Grandmother so I know how scary that is!