Monday, April 14, 2008

My ABLED Nephew..

Hayden-he's such a blessing and a joy to our family. I love him so much! One of the first things he was able to reach for was my long hair, and I let that kid pull me bald-lol! Not anymore-he's too strong! He walks now with assistance, which is something he was "supposed" to never do. How can you ever say someone isn't "abled" because no one is never disabled!

With my sister's permission to share his condition- he sustained a birth injury, which caused slight brain damage on the top, and frontal lobe of his brain, and he also has a congenital brain abnormality with no syndrome called cerebellum hyperplasia, but to us he's just our Hayden, and our miracle. I'm so thankful that God placed him in our lives, and that he chose my sister and his dad for his parents because I wouldn't want anyone else to be his parent or for Hayden to be anyone else's child.

So, "without further adieu (sp)" please welcome Master Matthew Hayden Warren to bloggerland;)

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Hilary said...

Your family and nephew are so cute!! I love you pictures too...lucky you gets to live by the beach :)